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Why should I have a website and what is hosting?

A website is like having your own store or premises in cyberspace.  This is where your customers or visitors can go to find out specific information about you and your business, that you might not be able to tell them about while you are hard at work.  virtual store

A store or business needs a place to exist.  This is where website hosting comes in.  Hosting can be likened to the land that your business sits on.  A website host, such as Veracom, will provide the ‘land’ or ‘host’ your website on their servers, which then ‘serve’ the website pages to your visitors. 

In order for your customers (and mail) to find you, your virtual store needs an address.  This internet address is called the domain name.  When choosing a domain name it is a good idea to have it as close to your business name as possible.  Email addresses at your domain name also give you added advertising for your business. 

You can see that having a website that is hosted somewhere, is actually having a virtual store or advert that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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